Chicago Fire Deposit Selection


10 Match Flex Plan (2019)
Each 10 Match Flex Plan purchased includes 10 undated flex tickets that can be applied to matches throughout the 2019 Season (Maximum 4 tickets per plan can be applied to Gold Matches). A personal Chicago Fire Services Representative will be assigned to your account to arrange for the redemption of vouchers throughout the season.
Available at the following prices
New Club Flex 10 Match ‪$‬680.00 ‪$‬680.00
New Club Flex 10 Match Juniors ‪$‬600.00 ‪$‬600.00
New Flex 10 Match ‪$‬260.00 ‪$‬530.00
New Flex 10 Match Juniors ‪$‬240.00 ‪$‬450.00
Renew Full HSSC Custom ‪$‬2500.00 ‪$‬2500.00

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